The CryptoLaw Podcast was originally conceived of by your hosts Roxana Nasoi, Ramy Gabal and Grant Gulovsen on September 17, 2018. Within a few days they had their initial lineup of guests and the first episode was recorded on September 30, 2018, and released on October 2, 2018.

The “CLP” intends to release a new episode every week, featuring your hosts speaking with a wide variety of experts and practitioners in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

We welcome any and all comments so please share your thoughts on the podcast content as well as any suggestions for future episodes in the comments section below. Thanks!


Roxana Nasoi is a global influencer, advisor, consultant, and businesswoman in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. She currently advises several different
blockchain startups and is the founder of SERPlified – Simplified Digital Marketing Agency.  She is one of the most effective community builders and has a passion for giving a voice to the unvoiced in the space. 

Ramy Gabal is the founder of crypto news site Crypto Weekly News as well as the co-founder and managing partner of BlockRake Inc., a business consulting firm specializing in an end-to-end company development model for Blockchain technology, IPO / ICO / STO / ITO Management, Marketing, Business Operations, and Regulatory Compliance.

Grant Gulovsen is an Illinois-licensed Intellectual property attorney with nearly 20 years of experience. He discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and currently represents several companies and individuals in the crypto space. He also co-founded Tokenicide!, a blog covering some of the less positive aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Wes Williams is an attorney who works in private practice focusing on Business, Financial Services, Real Estate, Title Insurance and Technology Industries with a narrow focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency law. He is admitted to the State Bar of California.

Olta Andoni is a New York State Bar admitted intellectual property attorney and adjunct professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. Olta’s practice experience includes financial market compliance with an emphasis on insider trading, investigations, cybersecurity and money laundering.

Benny Rozin is a serial entrepreneur with hands-on experience in Telecom, IoT and Hardware startups, including as a co-founder, VP Sales & Bizdev in HD-Worldwide, Kado and other projects. During the last 1.5 years dedicated himself to the Blockchain world mostly in the fields of Tokenization  and Regulation aspects. Today he serves as co-founder and CBDO at Mikado.

Zach Smolinski is a registered patent attorney and experienced general counsel with a strong interest in emerging tech. His skills include evaluating and negotiating license agreements, coordinating IP due diligence, and working with executives to optimize company legal strategies. He speaks regularly on legal matters of importance.

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