The CryptoLaw Podcast: A Very Special Episode – The Tax Man Cometh!

As any small business owner knows, having to deal with state and federal wage and hour laws can be something of a challenge. Add to that the issue of taxes—and not just income tax but FICA (Social Security tax, the “regular” Medicare tax; and the Medicare surtax )—then things start to get a lot more onerous. So what happens when you want to pay your employees or contractors (or they want to get paid) in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ether, maybe even a blockchain project’s native token?

You’re about to find out because today we have our first ever special guests on The CryptoLaw Podcast – Patrick Devereaux and Shehan Chandrasekera, both of whom know a little something about how to deal with paying wages with cryptocurrency including the tax consequences. 

This is our first special break-out episode, hosted by Grant Gulovsen. Don’t worry, though. Your regular weekly episode is still on deck, but we wanted to get this one out pronto because it includes some exceptionally useful information for anyone trying to build a business around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Our special guests this week were:

Patrick Devereaux

Patrick is an experienced consultant with a strong background in accounting and finance in the software industry. He is currently a partner at Apereum, a professional consulting firm that provides end-to-end solutions for startup companies. You can email him at

Shehan Chandrasekera

Shehan is an entrepreneurial CPA who is passionate about blockchain and other new technologies. He speaks at Fintech and blockchain conferences and serves on the advisory board of host of companies, across industries, in addition to being a partner at JAG CPAs & Co. You can contact him via email at


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