The CryptoLaw Podcast: CryptoLaw UK with Neil Foster (Baker Botts) & Toby Lewis (Novum Insights)

Happy New Year! The CryptoLaw Podcast team took a break over the holidays, but we are back and excited to announce the first episode for 2019. Today, your hosts Roxana and Ramy cover the topic of crypto assets across the UK, in an outstanding interview with Neil Foster, partner at Baker Botts (UK), and Toby Lewis, CEO of Novum Insights.

Background Information

Our guests Neil Foster and Toby Lewis, along with fellow members of the Crypto-Asset Group drafted a Response to The Treasury Select Committee Report on Regulation of Crypto-Assets in the UK, which includes a series of practical calls to action towards the regulatory landscape, including banking, taxation, and a comparison among crypto friendly jurisdictions.

The official reply can be read and downloaded in PDF format from the Baker Botts website, here.

Key Takeaways from the Interview

We touched on several important topics in during the interview, including:

  • a comparison between the US and the UK, where we get a legal and business understanding of why US regulations might not match the UK landscape;
  • the need of a collective approach, inviting organizations that have input to offer in the regulatory process; and
  • the fact that some major aspects in the reality of the crypto space are being left out of the equation.

ā€œBad regulation is worse than no regulationā€.

Neil Foster

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