The CryptoLaw Podcast: Decentralization & the Law with Marc Boiron & Jor Law

The concept of “decentralization” and the law is not necessarily new, but its implementation raises many questions, such as:

  • Is it possible to come up with a legal definition for “decentralization?”
  • Does the current legal system impose any boundaries or limits upon decentralization?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining a decentralized network?
  • Should developers be held liable, and if so, do they owe a fiduciary duty to users of the decentralized network?
  • Is it even possible to regulate a decentralized network? Is on/off-chain governance enough to address and resolve disputes?


Marc Boiron

Marc Boiron

Our first guest is Marc Boiron, a partner in the FinTech and Blockchain practice group of FisherBroyles. He represents leaders in blockchain technology, advising operating companies, exchange and funds on matters related to digital currencies and security tokens in a wide range of industries.

Jor Law

Jor Law

Jor Law is a finance and securities attorney, most well-known for his expertise in secured lending and alternative finance, including EB-5, venture capital, crowdfunding, and tokenized securities. He co-founded, the dominant accredited investor verification service in the world at the time it was acquired. Jor has advised prominent companies such as tZERO, Polymath, and Prime Trust.


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