The CryptoLaw Podcast: Episode 4

In this week’s episode, your hosts (Roxana, Ramy and Grant) and our guests (attorneys Zach Smolinski and Wes Williams) cover a slew of crypto-legal topics that appeared in the news this past week.

News of the Week

Lots of major news came out this past week and we don’t hesitate to express our opinions about all of it in an animated yet civil (because we are professionals, after all) discussion:

  1. MasterCard files a patent for a multi blockchain network. You can find the patent information here.
  2. Stablecoins as Crypto 3.0? multiple exchanges start listing USD backed stablecoins. Read the news here.
  3. Failure of the Civil ICO. Does it portend the end of the ICO era?Can there ever be a viable “utility token” project? Learn more the Brooklyn Project framework upon which Civil’s ICO was basedhere.

Stablecoins Much Wow

much wow
Don’t even…

We spend a little more time than we originally planned on the topic of stablecoins, mainly because there’s a lot to cover. And if you don’t think we covered everything, fear not because we’re planning a follow up. ?

New (Crypto) Kid on the Block

Listener Question:

Is crypto a new asset class?

Shout-out to our friend Jennifer Greyson and the ladies from Blockchain Sisterhood for suggesting this subject. A public Trello group has been created to address this new framework (available here).

We briefly cover what traditional versus digital asset classes are available, and why crypto is either a new asset class or a hybrid class which requires specific rules. This is also a topic we are planning to invest a bit more time and energy in at some point in the near future.


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Note: You can always suggest topics for us to cover, via Twitter @thecryptolaw, our LinkedIn CryptoLaw Podcast page, or just message Roxana Nasoi, Ramy Gabal, or Grant Gulovsen in private on social media.

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