The CryptoLaw Podcast: Interview with Drew Hinkes

Your host Ramy Gabal along with regular guest (and Chicago-Kent adjunct law professor) Olta Andoni interview cryptocurrency lawyer, founder and academic Drew Hinkes.

Drew Hinkes is an Adjunct Professor at both NYU School of Law and NYU Stern School of Business, a regularly-cited authority on virtual currency issues, is the General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, and co-founder of Athena Blockchain (a financial services advisory firm focused on the tokenization of investments), and was previously a Partner with the law firm of Berger Singerman LLP. You can connect with Drew on Twitter @propelforward.

Interview Topics

  • Athena Blockchain
  • “The Tale of the Rolex and the Rabbit Hole”
  • The legal and regulatory framework surrounding virtual currency in the United States
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Tokenizing securities
  • “Blockchain” in the legal profession
  • Teaching cryptocurrency and blockchain at NYU

Drew Hinkes possesses an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge about the industry. Coupled with his skills as a storyteller, we guarantee that you will be educated and entertained by this episode!


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