The CryptoLaw Podcast: Interview with Lewis Cohen & Gabriel Shapiro

Despite all the very bad things that happened last year that were either directly or indirectly related to initial coin offerings (or “ICOs”), your hosts at the CryptoLaw Podcast have to admit that we kind of miss all the excitement and seemingly unlimited opportunities that went along with them… ☹

If you feel the same way, then we’ve got some very good news… 😏

Because the CryptoLaw Podcast is back and we have the episode you’ve all been waiting for as our special guests Lewis Cohen and Gabriel Shapiro of DLX Law (interviewed by Olta Andoni and our newest host, Adrian Cortez) serve up large helpings of hopium that we’ve all been craving! Take a look! 👇

Our first guest is Lewis Cohen, who was recently ranked as one of the top blockchain lawyers in the entire United States by London-based Chambers. Lewis was kind enough to share publicly for the very first time his upcoming article that has the potential to reinvigorate the entire utility token conversation by defining a new framework for analyzing digital assets which concludes the following:

Tokens themselves are almost never securities.

Wut?!? 😮 It’s true! Listen! 😃

Gabriel Shapiro, Lewis’s colleague at DLX law and another top legal talent in the crypto space, discusses the the impact of “blockchainizing” corporate stocks and also concludes that despite their flaws, security token offerings (“STOs”), also known as digital security offerings (“DSOs”) have a very bright future ahead of them. In addition, both attorneys offer insight on the current regulatory landscape, the need to revisit the accredited investor rules, and the likelihood (or unlikelihood) that “The Crypto Taxonomy Act” will pass in its current form. How cool is that? 😎

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