The CryptoLaw Podcast: Interview with Michael Creadon

Your host Ramy Gabal along with regular guest (and Chicago-Kent adjunct law professor) Olta Andoni interview journalist, entrepreneur and financial markets expert Michael Creadon.

Michael Creadon is the founder and CEO of 4Rev, a cryptocurrency-focused news site that provides honest, reliable, unbiased information about global cryptocurrency markets. Prior to getting involved in the cryptocurrency industry, Michael was the CEO of Traditum Group, a proprietary trading firm specializing in bonds, commodities and foreign exchange. He has also served as a writer for TIME Magazine and Bloomberg News. 
You can find him on LinkedIn at

Interview Topics

  • “The State of the Crypto Union”
  • Comparing the Commodities and Cryptocurrency Markets
  • The Role of Regulators and Why They are Not Your Enemy
  • Journalistic Integrity in the Crypto Space
  • Coverage of Cryptocurrency in the Mainstream Media
  • Important Trends in the Cryptocurrency Industry
  • And more!

Michael Creadon is a critical thinker, a gifted writer and, most important of all, a man of integrity. He applies all of these skills on a daily basis at 4Rev and on LinkedIn and in so doing has become a highly respected thought leader in the cryptocurrency space in a very short period of time.


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