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  • The CryptoLaw Podcast: Episode 7

    This week’s episode features our resident registered patent attorney Zach Smolinski educating your hosts Ramy and Grant, and regular guests Wes Williams and Benny Rozin, about patents, followed by the […]

  • The CryptoLaw Podcast: Interview with Wulf Kaal

    Your host Roxana Nasoi along with regular guest and practicing attorney Wes Williams interview Law Professor and Emerging Technology Strategist Wulf Kaal for this episode of The CryptoLaw Podcast. Wulf […]

  • The CryptoLaw Podcast: Episode 6

    In this week’s episode, your co-hosts Roxana and Ramy cover a slew of tantalizing topics alongside a legal panel consisting of podcast regulars Wes Williams, Zach Smolinski, and Olta Andoni. […]

  • The CryptoLaw Podcast: Episode 5

    In today’s episode, your hosts, Roxana, Ramy, and Grant, along with this week’s guests (Olta Andoni, Wes Williams, and Benny Rozin) take a deeper dive into the often-misunderstood topic of […]

  • The CryptoLaw Podcast: A Very Special Episode – The Tax Man Cometh!

    As any small business owner knows, having to deal with state and federal wage and hour laws can be something of a challenge. Add to that the issue of taxes—and […]

  • The CryptoLaw Podcast: Episode 4

    In this week’s episode, your hosts (Roxana, Ramy and Grant) and our guests (attorneys Zach Smolinski and Wes Williams) cover a slew of crypto-legal topics that appeared in the news this past week. […]

  • The CryptoLaw Podcast: Episode 3

    This week our main topic is “ICO Fails.” Each of our guests provides their thoughts about where projects are failing considering the current state of the market and their own […]

  • The CryptoLaw Podcast: Episode 1

    The inaugural episode of The CryptoLaw Podcast is now live! In this episode, your hosts Ramy Gabal and Roxana Nasoi discuss the SEC and Tesla with attorneys and experts in the […]